Savor. Healthy eating just got smarter.

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We have developed a technology that for the first time, can help people create new, healthier eating habits in real-time.


We believe in making it

Artificial Intelligence is the newest front on our war against obesity. And it may be our best weapon yet. Because when this level of intelligence is applied by millions across the country, we’re going to create a real, profound, meaningful change. Join us.

Savor. Tackling obesity through Behavioral AI.

More coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Meet the founding team

Katelijn Vleugels
Co-founder & CEO

Katelijn is a serial entrepreneur and visionary leader with a passion for Health Technologies and a proven track record of bringing groundbreaking products to market. She has nearly 20 years of start-up experience including Aeluros, Atheros Communications and Ozmo Devices. Katelijn holds a Ph.D. in EE from Stanford University and a MS degree in EE from the Catholic University of Leuven.

Ron Marianetti
Co-founder & CTO

Ron is a software veteran with 30 years of experience in Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. He is widely recognized for his exceptional technical leadership and for his dedication to building pioneering products. Prior to Savor, Ron held senior positions at Pebble, Numenta and Palm Computing, where he invented the Palm OS. Ron holds an MS degree in EE from Stanford University.

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